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Precision Cutting

At Precision Cutting, we offer you an extensive service in cutting and processing steel plate with achievable lead times and cost-effective pricing. We have a cutting edge facility, purpose built for efficiency and ease. We never rest on our laurels either, we are continually reinvesting in our equipment along with our technology and people.

We have a wide range of steel plate in stock. All of our steel plate is supplied by ACRS Accredited Mills ,allowing us to ensure the appropriate certifications are provided. All steel plate profiles adhere to New Zealand Standards along with our high expectations of quality. We have been working and supplying steel plate profiles to a range of industries whom all have complete confidence in our services and plate cutting.

Services We Provide

We provide all steel plate processing services, including brake pressing, drilling and tapping to highly customised cutting, including plasma cutting, bevel cutting and flame cutting. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help you fabricate and assemble with ease and accuracy. We offer efficient and cutting edge processing services.

The Services at Precision Cutting and Processing are:
Plasma Cutting  |  Oxy-Fuel Cutting Bevel Cutting  |  Drilling & TappingBrake Pressing  |  General & Custom

In short, we make it simple for you. Offering a wide range of steel, processing it efficiently and accurately so you can get on with your job.

Simply provide your drawings and we can get started with our CAD specialists.

All of our staff have the appropriate training and accreditation for plate handling, machinery & operations, including our 10-ton cranes.  This helps with the ease and safe movement around our purpose-built facility.

We can handle plates up to 15m x 3m.

Industries We Service

With our focus placed on quality performance, production and precision we service:

Construction & Civil
Construction & Civil

Working in collaboration as an extension to your team. We understand being responsive, delivering on service and producing a high-quality profile to specification, all within an agreed timeline is key. Not only to ensure your project can run smoothly but to ensure that you have all the appropriate documentation to match the work we do.

Agriculture / Rural
Agriculture / Rural

We know that accuracy and quality is important to you along with delivery. We promise to work with you on the best outcome to ensure your production line is not hindered.


Working together to ensure that supply of your materials is within specification and timeline. We commit to good quality, traceability and the appropriate accreditation for your project.

General & Custom
General & Custom

We will work with you to produce what you need. That includes any custom profile you want. Full Plate sales and Auto CAD Drawing Services are available on request.

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